You are an underdog or challenger brand – not the Goliath of your category.

You may be an organization, a corporation, a product, a service, or a cause. Regardless of the nature of your business, you believe in the power of Purpose and that Purpose-driven brands outperform those that are not or merely pretend to be.

The Courage Lab works with brands to help you make informed and intentional choices. Whether you’re trying to define brand purpose and story, figuring out a new campaign approach, mapping a path to implement change, or choosing a new agency partner, we don’t make decisions for you or tell you what you “have to,” “must,” or “need to” do. We discover what we believe are some truths worth considering, provide options for you so you can make an informed choice, and then enable you and your team can bring it to life with intention, clarity, and consistency.

Need options?