You are an Indie agency.

Being an “agency” could mean many things – traditional advertising, digital, design. You may even work outside of the brand, marketing, and communications industries. Whether you’re an architecture firm, industrial designer, urban planning consultancy or something else entirely, brand and story are important elements in helping you pitch, win, and deliver great work for clients.

You’re a small agency competing with Big agencies for a Big client. Or you’re on a streak of pitch losses and can’t figure out why. You’re looking to level up and bring new thinking and a new approach to prospective clients.

The Courage Lab helps underdog agencies get a second look from prospective clients. We have an unconventional approach to pitches that is rooted in strategic thinking and delivering a compelling story that leaves clients engaged and surprised. Our agency clients who seemingly had no chance of progressing in the pitch process have moved to the next phase, won, and/or walked away with new perspective and are revitalized as an agency team, knowing what they’re now capable of.

Need a new perspective?