What we do

The Hub & Spoke is our foundational project and the prototype for what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

What We Had:
A vision for a bike-centric coffee shop
A strategy for making it happen
Six weeks to build it

What We Didn’t Have:
A name
A location
Experience in Food & Beverage
Experience with liquor licenses
Experience in Coffee

Where We Landed:
In just six weeks, with the help and support of a community of friends and supporters, we decided on and registered a name, built a brand, created promotional materials, found a space, renovated the space, built partnerships, sourced products, set up a kitchen, got a bunch of certifications, and opened the doors for a coffee-and-pastries-in-the-morning and beer-and-bistro-in-the-evening space for cycling fans to congregate to watch the 100th edition of the Tour de France together.

Since then, we’ve built brands, renovated homes, created winning pitches, made films, worked on new-product developments and launches, and found ways to get attention for important issues.

We don’t claim to know how to do everything.
But we do have a history of and passion for being able to figure it out.