Just do your best

To some, “Just do your best” means “Just try.” To Creative Independents, “Just try” is terrible advice.

We bring strategy and structure to Creative Independents so you can truly Just do your best.

Creative Independents

You have the vision to see what can and should be created and the talent to make it. Whether you build, bake, or brew; film, forge, or fabricate; cook, code, or construct; direct, draw, or design; you’re good at your craft. And you know that building your best business requires a variety of talents beyond it.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking is an epidemic. It affects individuals, independent businesses, entrepreneurs, and giant corporations. It comes in many forms: rationalization, self-congratulation, and avoidance to name a few.

Wishful Thinking can mislead us to believe that we don’t need a plan, that our good-enough plan is good, that we’re executing as well as we could, that we can do things ourselves that really are better left to others, or that we’re holding ourselves accountable.

Wishful Thinking keeps you from just doing your best.

The Courage Advantage

Just doing your best comes with courage. We’ve been practicing courage for a lifetime and studying it for a decade. We use a four-step process we call The Courage Advantage to help Creative Independents just do their best. We create:


Plans to set you on a clear path


Systems and processes to help you execute efficiently and effectively


Tough love to hold you accountable to your plan


  • Brand strategy
  • Business and project plans
  • Planning workshops
  • Courage workshops
  • Systems and process audits
  • Systems and process design
  • General-manager services (fixed term)
  • Weekly or monthly accountability sessions with clear and honest feedback 


We use our experience working with Big Businesses like these:

To help build Independents like these:

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