Deliver your truth

The Courage Lab is a strategy and innovation consultancy. We are brand architects. We work with courageous brands to deliver your truth.

In a world of corporate theatre, we believe that True Story is far more powerful than fiction.

Eighty-eight percent of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support.

But have you ever worked for a company that didn’t claim to be “innovative?” Or “strategic?” Or . . . ? Neither have we.

The truth is that while people are looking for authenticity, most brands continue to tell stories about themselves that they fail to live up to. They don’t have the courage to face the truth.

Your customers can handle the truth. Can you?

Courageous Brands

Half of Canadian companies call themselves courageous. The truth is, only one in 10 is courageous.

In this world of corporate theatre, it’s easier for brands to say they have courage than to demonstrate courage and face the truth.

Courageous brands outperform non-courageous brands. It makes good business sense to be courageous. We recognize it’s not that simple, and don’t believe that every brand should or can be courageous. We’re just asking brands to be honest about it.

Are you a courageous brand?


Agile Brand Planning

Uncovering the truth that serves as the central defining idea for all you do.

Courage Mapping

Identifying honestly and proactively the barriers to living your truth and defining a plan to overcome them.

Creative Catalyst

Working with creative teams to bring the truth to life in a way that’s compelling to your audiences.

Truth Teller

Providing productive, actionable honesty that you can use (or not) as you choose.

Team Dynamic

Turning individual performers into high-performing teams.

The Courage Advantage

Our four-step process to help brands deliver your truth so you can live up to your potential.